We notice that our roads feel narrower due to traffic jam we experience everywhere we go. While sci-fi movies and prototypes show us flying cars zooming by in the future, it seems that the time we can ride those vehicles is still far away.

Traffic is a perennial problem that developed and developing countries are facing every day. The additional alternative roads are not built fast enough to accommodate the growing number of vehicles that traverse our streets all day and all night. Add to this traffic woe are the obstructions that block the roads. It could be a single illegally parked car or fallen debris on the street.

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In this haywire situation, Clear That Trail comes into the picture. Our team may not be the one who will physically move the obstruction, but we will coordinate it to the proper authorities for immediate action. Just report to our website any trail obstructions that you see, and we will take care of the rest.

We need your active participation to help keep our trails accessible so that you can enjoy the path and not stress about clearing the obstacles.